Mushroom Green Peas Rice

Mushroom and green peas rice is just one-pot recipe. Sometimes when you are really busy and have no time for cooking, this may be a good option for quick dish. It is wholemeal, tasty to the core, very fulfilling itself. Full of protein as mushrooms and green peas have protein, vitamins, nutrients; especially mushrooms are […]

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Mushroom Momos For Your Next Party

Now a days momos are very popular. Momo is steamed dumpling filled (stuffed) with veggies/ meat or both. You can choose any filling of your choice as the possibilities are endless. You can make them for breakfast/ starter/ lunch/ dinner. There are so many ways to shape momo dumplings. Just choose whatever easier for you.

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Savory, Crispy & Melty Mushroom Bread Pizza

Mushroom bread pizza is one of my most favorite dishes. Very easy and quick to make with very less efforts. Moreover, you will get nutrients, minerals, protein etc. as we are using lots of veggies. All the veggies are rich in fiber and antioxidants especially mushrooms. They are very rich in protein, have medicinal values

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Sauteed Mushrooms And Asparagus

Mushrooms and asparagus make a very good combination. These sauteed vegetables make the perfect side dish. You can make it for lunch or dinner also by adding other veggies of your choice like broccoli, bell peppers, carrots etc. For this recipe you can take white button/ Cremini/ oyster/ shiitake mushrooms. I took white button mushrooms.

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Mushroom Loaded Nachos

Making Nachos is so easy and simple. Oven-baked corn tortilla chips are way healthier alternative to deep-fried ones. This recipe is gluten free and meat free; loaded with mushrooms and lots of veggies like onions, garlic, tomatoes, corn, bell peppers. It is perfect for appetizer, lunch or dinner, itself a full meal. Let me tell

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Saucy and Crispy Mushroom Manchurian

If you like mushrooms, you may also like mushroom manchurian. Mushrooms are rich source of protein, vitamins, nutrients and above all they have medicinal values. There is so much variety available of edible mushrooms like Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Maitake, Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, White button, Cremini, Portobello, Oyster etc. This recipe is very fulfilling and

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Homemade Crispy Crunchy Healthy Mushroom Snack

If you are wondering what does it mean by crispy, crunchy mushroom snack, let me tell you…. A crispy, crunchy mushroom is ready to eat mushrooms as snacks. You can carry them anywhere. Whenever feel hungry, just take them out and eat. Excited! You can make them anytime and just store in an airtight container.

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Authentic Mushroom and Vegetables Skewers

You can make variety of dishes with mushrooms. Today we are going to make mushrooms and vegetables skewers. Why I wrote mushrooms and vegetables separately? Because mushrooms actually come under fungi category, still we use them as vegetable. Mushrooms come in lots of different shapes, sizes and colors. All edible mushrooms are really good for

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