How To Relieve Eye Strain And Keep Working

It’s amazing to see how our society has changed in the past years. More and more people get desk jobs that require them to do online work. We love how easier it is today to build your dream online by working in front of the computer but at the same time, we have to be aware about the health risks we’re adding to our lifestyle. Our eyes are easily affected by working long hours at the computer but don’t worry, we’ll discover together how to relieve eye strain and keep working on your dreams.

What is Eye Strain

Eye fatigue or eye strain can be a serious problem for us. In general, it’s not a serious condition but it may be a sign of a bigger health issue if the symptoms don’t go away after a period. Eye strain symptoms include tired, itching or burning eyes but if these are accompanied by other problems such as discomfort, headaches, double vision or any major change in vision it could mean you need to see a specialist.

We start feeling the symptoms of eye strain while doing activities where we use our eye more than we should. We could be driving, reading, writing or, yes you’ve guessed it, working on the computer (due to exposure to the computer screen).

Computer vision syndrome is expected to grow in the following years due to the rise in computer and mobile devices around the world. Have you ever wondered why you get eye strain after working at the computer or reading? Well, we only blink half as much as we should when using those devices so eyes don’t get lubricated enough. Just like your computer screen, eyes have a refresh rate with the help of blinking.

We blink 18 times per minute but when we’re looking at pc, laptop or mobile devices screens that rate is at 50%.

The effects of Eye Strain on our health

We may think that eye fatigue is something that goes away really fast but that’s not the case. That sensation of itching and even burning eyes takes a toll on our health. We don’t realise this but eye strain can lead to decreased productivity. If you’re having problems sleeping, your eye irritation can be permanent since during sleep our eyes are replenished with essential nutrients.

If you apply our advice and still get eye strain on a regular basis, you should consider taking a trip to a specialist.

How to relieve eye strain and keep working on your tasks

Chances are that you’re getting eye fatigue while working at your computer, laptop or starring at a mobile device. If this is this case, we’re going to offer you some simple but highly effective ways to relieve eye fatigue in minutes so you can get back to work.

Apply changes to your work environment.

There are some changes you can make to your work space to relieve eye strain. First, you should take good care of your screen and clean it. Smudges or stains on the screen interfere with the contrast and add glare and reflections to the mix.

You can also position your screen somewhere around 20 inches from your eyes and below eye level so you won’t strain your eye too much. Using an adjustable chair enables you to do this easier.

Apply changes to other parts of your work environment: change lighting options and desk position so you’ll reduce glare and reflections.

Take care of your eyes before and during computer work.

You can easily relieve eye strain and other eye tiredness symptoms if you keep a well balanced diet and consider adding natural supplements to the mix. For example, you can choose to use a natural supplement like your Vision Support Formula to:

  • reduce eye fatigue and black spots
  • minimize blurry eyes and discomfort
  • support natural eye function

When working at the computer, you can apply other healthy tactics to relieve eye fatigue. Take time and apply any of the following advice to your normal work schedule:

  • Exercise. Apply the 20-20-20 rule – at every 20 minutes look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Looking far way is said to relax the focusing muscle and reduce eye strain.
  • Take breaks. Don’t just sit down at your computer and never get up. Get up and take a walk, it will relax your eyes and lower the impact of standing all day on a chair to your health.
  • Blink more often. Yes, blinking is an automatic behavior but when working on the PC, we blink half as much as we should. Add a note next to your screen that just says “blink”.
  • Go and see a specialist. If you get a new job that requires you to work for long hours at the computer, go see an eye specialist. He can recommend you any preventive medication, supplements and he’ll give you valuable advice to minimize the eye strain.

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