Missy’s Kitchen: Quick n’ Healthy Frozen Yogurt Berry Sticks

Here at Activa Naturals we like to keep things simple and natural, just like this super fast and delicious frozen yogurt berry stick recipe!

Today I’ll be sharing with you how I make my Quick n’ Healthy Frozen Yogurt Berry Sticks!

Super simple, super fast and so healthy!

Let’s begin!

All you will need for this Missy’s kitchen Frozen Yogurt Berry Sticks are:

1. Skewer/kabob sticks (thinner is better)
2. Fruit of your selection (blueberries work best but all fruit works!)
3. Yogurt of your choosing (i prefer plain Greek)

Place a generous amount of yogurt on a PLATE. This will make rolling your skewer sticks MUCH easier than if you put the yogurt in a bowl.

Start skewering your berries! You can stick as many or as few as you like on each skewer. (The more berries, the more yogurt you will need for optimal coverage).

Roll your berry sticks back and forth through the yogurt. (Greek yogurt is slightly thicker and i found it to be a bit tougher to roll on smoothly, so i used a spoon as well to help scoop the yogurt on the berries.)

Take your completely covered yogurt sticks and place them on another plate. (If you want to get really fancy/not have one side of the stick be flat, you can stand your yogurt sticks upright in a cup or mason jar instead)

Put your yogurt sticks in the freezer for 30 mins. (You can always adjust this time according to your preference)

ENJOY your healthy and delicious frozen yogurt berry sticks!

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