Are You Risking Your Health To Lose Weight?

If you want to lose weight, there are 3 things that you need to keep top of mind…  Your nutrition – namely your protein intake. Your supplements, such as this fat burner.  And your workouts.

It’s not rocket science but we have cravings, mood swings and life throws unplanned scenarios in our way. We’re not going to tell you exactly how to lose weight but we’re going to share with you some factors you may need to understand on your road to weight loss, the healthy way.

Get Help

Many people don’t take this into consideration but having a specialist consulting you before you start losing weight is crucial. Why is this?

Well, let’s say you start dieting and working out, you see some results at the beginning but after a short period of time you hit a plateau, can’t lose anymore weight, get depressed and quit. Why not have a thorough medical consultation who can see if you’re suffering from a medical condition preventing you to lose weight. At the same time, your doctor can tell you what is an acceptable weight loss schedule for your body, without health risks.

When going to a specialist, be sure to check these off your list:

  • Ask him for any useful information on weight loss, eating habits, calorie counting and more (brochures, books, etc.).
  • Ask for a waist & BMI measure and ask him how is this affecting your weight loss program.
  • Be sure to tell him your current diet and ask for advice.

Another great reason to check with your doctor before losing weight is if you know of any medical conditions you already have and want to know if they pose any health risks.

Start with what you feel is comfortable.

We know everyone is talking about “getting out of your comfort zone” if you want to be healthier and telling you to change. That’s not wrong, but you have to be cautious. Losing weight fast can and probably will damage your health.

If you’re overweight and begin your weight loss journey, even the smallest change will affect your body. Carrying even more weight equals baby steps when trying to burn the fat. The truth is that your body isn’t used to exercise and diets so making a big change fast will probably be unhealthy.

If you’re new to exercise just start by making small changes in your diet and activity. For example cut out all the sugary drinks and start walking each day. Get your time, walk for half an hour in one direction than go back home. You just got 60 minutes of activity without pushing your body too much.

The key when starting slow is not to get complacent. If you feel comfortable with a higher level of activity, change the gear and get more out of your workout.

Here are some key factors to encourage you to start slow:

  • To start slow you need perseverance. If you don’t have it, you can learn it.
  • Starting slow enables you to reflect. Walking 1 hour each day opens up free time to listen to podcasts, audio books or think just about anything.
  • When you start slow, you have time to correct any mistakes.
  • Starting slow makes the changes you face more bearable.


 Don’t be afraid to use natural, healthy supplements

In some cases, your body needs help. It may be confidence or just physical stuff your body can’t handle at the moment. You’ll probably won’t need them at the very start, but after you lose some pounds and get more comfortable working out, you’ll want to do research and pick natural supplements to ensure your weight loss journey is a healthy one.

For a risk-free weight loss program, try to add the following to your schedule.


At the start of your diet, you’ll be eating more vegetables and fruits and get your greens from there, but once you are ready for more, search and find some green supplements such as Greens Superfoods.

Fish Oil

When you’re overweight or hitting the gym really hard, your muscles will surely feel soar and you won’t be that motivated to go for another workout. Fish oils have an anti-inflammatory effect which will make you feel better if taken regularly.


Protein should be an important nutrient in your diet. Good sources of protein include soy, quinoa, meat, dairy, eggs and fish. But some times, you can’t fit all you’d want in your diet. However, you can try whey protein supplements and get better results. Whey protein is considered a complete protein and contains all 9 essential amino acids while being low in lactose content.

Of course there other products you can add to your daily life but we’ll let you do your own research on these, as this is the right way towards the healthy way of losing weight naturally. Last but not the least always consult with your health care practitioner as some foods or products may not be the right fit for you.

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