5 Golden Rules Of Natural Weight Loss

Are you battling to achieve your desired weight? You probably read a lot of articles from various websites where anyone recommends something else. Before you apply any advice you find on these websites remember that not everything you find on the internet is true.

That’s why we would recommend to keep it simple and stick to the basics if you want to lose weight by eating less. It’s not easy as it seems but with the right advice you can apply the best practices of losing weight. The following practices are often disregarded because they “feel too simple” but the truth is they’re 100% effective if you want to eat less and have a healthy lifestyle.

So, which are the best practices of eating less?

1. Forget about sugar. 

Candy, other types of sweets, white bread, cereal and sugary drinks are bad for you. If you want to eat less, try to avoid these as they spike your insulin levels and make you even more hungry than you were before.


2. Drink water, seriously.

“Water? How is water going to help me?” Well like we said before, it doesn’t have to be complicated to work. Keep it simple and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day if you want to eat less. Some times, your brain mistakes hunger for dehydration and makes you snack more. Keep a bottle of water next to you at all times and try to remember to drink as much as your body needs to.

3. Be religious about your meals.

Starting with breakfast (which you don’t want to miss ever) keep track of your meals and calories. Having smaller but frequent meals will help you eat less during the day by keeping your metabolism on track. The biggest mistake people make is having two big meals at random times throughout the day. Your internal clock needs a rhythm to work properly.

Don’t forget to add protein to your meals for more energy during the day. If you don’t, you’ll feel the need to snack in the evening thus eating bad foods at bad times.

Another important step is to eliminate the temptation. So make time and clean you pantry and throw out any unhealthy snacks you may have. Replace them with fruit and a healthy intake of veggies.

4. Stay active.

One of our society’s biggest problems is not exercising as much as our body needs. It’s no secret that we face a serious decline in physical activity and we need to do something about. Contrary to popular belief, exercising doesn’t make you hungry (if you have a well-determined diet) but it slows down your hunger. When you exercise you don’t think about eating. As a bonus, you drink more water if you exercise thus helping your body to cleanse the natural way.

We understand that for some people exercising is a really hard thing to accomplish. But if you want to eat less and lose weight, you need to find time. You don’t need to go to the gym but you can find other physical activities to help you on your weight loss challenge. Try to walk or bike to work, use a standing desk or use any other ways of staying active during the day.

5. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle Routine.

The best strategy for our life is to adopt a healthy lifestyle routine.

This means take healthy foods, stay hydrated, follow a daily exercise plan and take necessary vitamins in consultation with the health practitioner.

Our philosophy is that prevention is the best approach for a healthy, positive and enriching life.


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